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Buyers of re-sale homes almost always have their homes inspected by a professional inspector. Buyers of new homes, however, often do not take this important step. There are several reasons for this:

  • The buyer is getting a brand new home, and thinks that the inspection is an unnecessary added cost.
  • The buyer feels that they are protected by the builder's one-year warranty for workmanship, plus extended structural warranty.
  • In many cases, the home is inspected by city inspectors as a part of the permitting process.
  • Buyers believe that they can rely on the builder's reputation.
  • The builder is resistant to idea of third party inspections.
  • Buyers are not aware that a home inspection is a recommended alternative.
  • The buyer plans to "keep an eye" on the construction.


What to expect

New Home Construction InspectionsBuilding a new home can be an exciting and rewarding experience. A new home can deliver the right floor plan and finishes for you. It is a complicated project and huge investment. The support, advice and information that you will gain from a third party inspection is invaluable. You may hear (from the builder or others) that this is unnecessary, that city inspections will be done, that this is an unusual step, etc. Stand your ground on the inspection decision.

Once you have decided to include progress inspections, let the builder know at the outset that you will be getting a construction inspection and provide us with the contact information for your builder. After you have let the builder know that you will be getting an inspection. We will send an email or written note clarifying when your inspections will be done based on the construction schedule. We are a fully insured and licensed company and will provide the required documentation to your builder. It is important to understand that we are not your agent and that sign-offs and requests require your involvement. We recommend a minimum of three to four inspections, choose from Foundation, Pre-Drywall, Post-Drywall, Final Inspection and a Warranty Expiration inspection after you have lived in the property for 10 months and before your builder’s warranty expires.

It is our experience that this is not always the case. Often work is improperly done, or items are missed altogether. Unless deficiencies are caught before the construction process is finished, it may be costly or impossible to correct after the home is completed. We perform Progress Inspections at various stages during the construction process and provide you with documentation of findings. (Frequency, types and price are agreed to when we sign the agreement. You pay at the completion of each inspection instead of up front for all inspections. We assist you in monitoring the building process and addressing issues with the builder before it is too late. Pre-Drywall Inspections are performed after framing; flooring and roughed-in electrical & plumbing are completed. Final Inspections are comprehensive home inspections performed after construction is completed, verifying the final installation of materials, the operation of electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems, appliances, fixtures, doors, and windows. We inspect the finished work inside and out. We help our buyers to become familiar with their new home, educating them on type of construction, maintenance, and operation of the various components. Findings are documented in a written report with digital photos delivered the next business day.
Pre-Drywall Inspection
Most builders invite the homeowner to do a walk through after framing, HVAC and plumbing rough-in, and electrical wiring are complete. This is a good time to look at your outlet locations and window and door placements. Check for the installation of any options/upgrades that you have requested. While you check for layout items, your home inspector can look closely at the construction. His report might include: broken plumbing lines, improper flashing, cut or bowed studs, inadequate bracing, beams that over-span their strength, AC ducts that are crushed, etc. These items are easy to correct at this point, before sheet rock and finish materials are installed. It is not realistic to expect the construction to check out perfectly. Every builder in every price range will have some items to correct, both from the city and the third party inspector. Let your builder know that you will provide him with the report immediately, so that he can address the items before the walls are closed up.
Final Inspection
You will need to have all utilities on in order to complete this inspection. Normally, the builder requests a "walk-thru" inspection with you when the house is substantially complete. If utilities are on, you could schedule your inspector prior to your “Final Walk Through”; this allows the builder to make corrections and does not disrupt your schedule for closing. You can focus on paint and touch up items (cosmetic items) and plans for where you are going to put things, while your inspector conducts unbiased inspection, checking for structural issues, leaks, non functional outlets, final grading of the lot, flashing problems, appliance operation, voids in mortar, etc.
Warranty Expiration Inspections
Home builders expect buyers to find deficiencies during the first year living in their new home. Unfortunately it is up to the buyer to discover and report these before the warranty period expires. Anything not documented prior to the end of the warranty period becomes the responsibility of the homeowner. This may lead to costly repairs down the road, or when you sell your home. We can detect problems that may otherwise go unnoticed. We assist you in documenting the items which need to be addressed with the builder prior to the end of the warranty period. We recommend completion in the 10 month of home ownership.

What do we typically find when we inspect a new home:
Hot and Cold water lines reversed, windows that do not function properly, broken windows, shingle problems, drainage issues, doors not latching properly, improperly wired outlets, incorrect support of the flooring system, clips not properly fastened HVAC duct issues, damaged trusses, HVAC wiring problems and dishwasher mounting problems.



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